International Co-Productions

Whether your production is Domestic or Foreign, we are here to help with the legal & financial hurdles of shooting across borders.

We have a long working history with:

• US Customs (including express Carnét) • Immigration (work Visas) • International Insurance • Global Banking • Border Patrol

Domestic Productions Wanting to shoot outside US

Monsoon is proud of our long history with US Customs to provide Carnets for international travel, especially Expedited Carnets to Mexico. International insurance, work visas, and support with global banking for US Productions shooting outside the states are all provided by Monsoon.

Foreign Production Wanting to shoot in the US

We are here to help. Our knowledge and experience dealing with foreign currency, as well as our relationship with US Customs and immigration allows your Production to work in the United States in accordance with US standard film practices and labor laws without hassle.

*Monsoon Production Services must be the US Production company of Record and must be a Co-producer and Production Company for your project.

From May 8th - June 2nd, Monsoon will have limited rental warehouse/tech availability. Please allow at least 48 hours for a response to any equipment or production inquiries. Please also make sure that you have confirmation from us and a scheduled time before any pickups or returns.