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Formed in 2010, Monsoon Production Services was founded with one simple goal: Reestablish Arizona, especially Tucson, as a film and television production mecca.

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Our grit and determination make us survive; our passion for the craft makes us thrive…

Having grown up on film sets as part of the third generation of an industry family that started with his grandfather working as a trick-rider and horseman, owner Justin Kreinbrink has spent practically his entire life in production. With decades of experience above and below the line he has cultivated life-long working relationships with industry veterans, able to accomplish just about anything on just about any budget or production size.

“If we don’t know, we find the one who does. We find a way to get it done. Period. And we do it without exploiting crew, blowing budget, or sacrificing overall artistic vision.”

– Justin Kreinbrink, Owner


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