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Elevating Tucson Filmmaking: A Collaborative Journey with Dan Crowley

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For years, the creative pulse of Tucson has been undeniable, but the potential for our film community to shine on a national stage has always been apparent. Dan Crowley, a talented filmmaker and friend of Monsoon Production Services, shares his journey and the crucial role that Monsoon has played in bringing his visions to life.

“As a filmmaker in Tucson, I’ve always believed in our ability to create compelling and technically striking content,” says Crowley. “While we may not have the same infrastructure as larger markets like New York or LA, Monsoon Production Services bridges that gap.”

Crowley’s partnership with Monsoon has been integral to his growth as a filmmaker. “Monsoon has been my steadfast companion, supporting me in every personal production I’ve pursued,” he explains. “Their extensive gear inventory and post-production resources have elevated my projects to new heights.”

With Monsoon’s support, Crowley was able to bring his latest short film, ‘Twenty Percent,’ to fruition. “Monsoon was there every step of the way,” he says. “Their expertise and dedication helped bring my vision to life in ways I never thought possible.”

‘Twenty Percent’ is an absurdist dark comedy set in a restaurant, exploring the quirky experiences of service industry workers. “With an extremely talented cast and crew, we created a film that I’m truly proud of,” says Crowley. “It recently premiered at the Loft Cinema‘s First Friday shorts event, where it received an enthusiastic reception.” Twenty Percent won the night, adding it to the coveted First Friday Shorts Year-end Showdown on May 3rd, 2024 at 9pm. Make sure you come out to view the 10 winning shorts, and cheer on your favorite to win the ultimate $1000 prize!

Looking ahead, Crowley plans to submit ‘Twenty Percent’ to various film festivals, with hopes of a local premiere in Tucson at the end of the year. “I’m confident that our film will make waves in the Arizona filmmaking scene,” he says.

At Monsoon Production Services, we’re proud to support local filmmakers like Dan Crowley and empower them to bring their creative visions to life. From gear rental to post-production services, we’re committed to elevating Tucson’s film industry and showcasing the incredible talent our community has to offer.

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