Navigating Pre-Production:

From Any Medium to Your Vision

Our Expertise Encompasses Pre-Production for:

  • Feature Films
  • Short Films
  • Music Videos
  • Commercials
  • Television
  • New Media

Regardless of the media platform, there are two important parts to Pre-Production: Script Breakdowns and preliminary budgets.

Script Breakdowns

Preliminary Budgets

Are you gearing up for a new film, commercial, or any creative project? The Monsoon team stands ready, equipped, and eager to be your ultimate partner in the intricate art of script breakdowns and associated processes.

Our seasoned professionals understand the critical role that a meticulously executed script breakdown plays in laying the foundation for a successful production. With years of industry experience spanning diverse media platforms, including feature films, short films, music videos, commercials, television, and new media, we bring an unparalleled level of expertise to the table.

At Monsoon, we’re not just your production allies – we’re your financial strategists, ensuring that every dollar is optimized to its fullest potential.

Here’s how we pave the way to financial success:

  • Cataloging Expertise: Our team dives deep into the project, cataloging every detail – from locations and cast to costumes and Sfx/Vfx effects. This comprehensive approach provides you with a clear, concise overview of where your funds are allocated.
  • Preliminary Budget Precision: Our experts leverage their experience across various projects to create budgets that align with your creative vision while maintaining financial viability.
  • Navigating Incentives and Rebates: Our team ensures that your project maximizes these opportunities while adhering to industry-standard practices, ensuring you get the most out of your investment.
  • Compliance and Guidelines: We navigate the complex terrain of labor, union regulations, and permit requirements in alignment with both Federal and state guidelines, leaving no room for surprises down the road.



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